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ConnectMe for Job Seekers


Welcome, Job Seeker!

ConnectMe helps you connect with partners and resources relevant to your specific needs. This support and guidance can assist you in matching with area employers to find the right job or get back on track at an existing job. Requirements for services may be needed and services and/or outcomes aren’t guaranteed.

We’re glad you’re here. Let’s get up to speed with what’s happening in your world.

Education and/or Training

Education and/or training opportunities help you advance your knowledge of certain topics or skillsets.

Do you need help with education and/or training?

I need help with reading, writing, and/or math to get my high school diploma or GED.
I need my high school diploma or GED.
I need help paying for my training or education.
I need help finding training.
I need help learning computer skills.
I have unpaid school fees.

Employment is a trade or job that pays you for your work.

Are you facing employment-specific challenges?

I want to keep a job longer than a year.
I need work/interview clothing.
I need training for a better job.
I need a job.
I can only seem to get work through temp agencies.
I need better attendance at work.
I need help with my resume.
I need required work equipment.
I need help preparing for my interview.
I'm experiencing language barriers that keep me from getting the job I want.
I feel like I'm treated unfairly at my job or during the interview process.

Your finances include how you budget and handle expenses as well as things like credit scores and taxes.

Do you need help with finances?

I need help understanding my credit scores.
I need help understanding credit scores, W2/W9, loans, and how to make large life purchases (ie. a car or home).
I am confused about preparing tax documents.

Housing relates to your living arrangements and any related services, such as utilities.

Are you having trouble with housing?

I need rent and utility assistance.
I feel unsafe in my living arrangement or home.
I have been or am in the process of being evicted and need help finding housing.
I need help with housing-related fines and fees.
I don't have a place to live.
My home needs repairs to be safe to live in.

Personal or family issues impact you or your loved ones.

Do you need help with personal or family matters?

I need childcare.
I need help getting an ID, social security card, or birth certificate.
I need some help navigating the family court or custody process.
I need help to get through a legal process.
I need help paying my child support.
I need help dealing with depression, anxiety, or other mental health issues.
I need help regarding my physical health.
I need help finding resources for addiction and recovery.
I need assistance related to disability services.
I need help getting food for myself or my family.
I am experiencing language barriers that affect my personal life or employment.

Transportation is the way you travel to get to your job.

Do you need help with transportation?

I need a bus pass to get to or find work.
I need to get or reinstate my driver's license.
I need gas for my car to get to work or find a job.
I don't have a car and the bus doesn't run during my work hours.
I have traffic and parking ticket fines that are restricting my license.
I don't have/can't afford car insurance and/or can't register my vehicle.
I can't afford to fix my car.